Who Am I? is an activity that provides students the opportunity to use their content knowledge to identify a significant concept, idea, theory, person, place, or object related to course content. This activity requires students to develop an understanding of course content and think through key concepts by asking questions. Prior to using Who Am I? as a Practice Activity, identify a list of significant concepts, ideas, theories, people, places, or objects related to the course content. Write down the ideas on index cards that students can draw. Select a student (or group of students) to draw a card with a concept, idea, theory, person, place, or object on it. Allow a couple of minutes for selected students to reference readings or other materials to prepare to answer questions. Students in class ask questions to the selected student in order to determine who or what was on the card selected. The questions must be phrased to allow for only a “yes or no” response. After each question, the student or group of students asking the question may guess or pass.