In a classic scene in the movie Apollo 13, all of the NASA engineers gather in a room with all of the stuff in the spacecraft and have to figure out how to make a square air filter fit a hole made for a round filter. In the Houston, We Have a Problem activity, students are given a collection of items or information that they must use to solve a problem presented by the professor. The first step to prepare for Houston, We Have a Problem is to identify a problem for students to solve. The problem should be related to an application of course content and preferably (although not necessarily) one with multiple paths to a solution. Next, you will need to collect items or information for students to use to solve the problem. You might literally put the items on a table or provide a list. The items might be objects (e.g., lab equipment) or information (e.g., equation or formula) that can be used to figure out a solution. It is also useful to provide red herring items that likely will not be useful but will require students to think about their possible use.