Lecture is one of the most common Content Activities found within higher education. When using lecture as a Content Activity, it is recommended that you keep it short (15-20 minute maximum) and focused. For some tips on planning and delivering effective lectures, please see the following:

When using lecture as a Content Activity, it can be helpful to include visuals to support your content delivery. If you are looking for some good alternatives to the traditional PowerPoint presentation, check out Emaze, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Slides, and Sway.

coupling agent exampleYou may also want to consider using a guided note taking strategy where you can provide students with a worksheet or handout with blanks that they can fill-in during a lecture to promote active listening. The following is an example of a guided note taking template:

bingo exampleAnother option to add greater interactivity to your lecture is to include a Lecture Bingo activity where you would create a bingo card with terms that will be discussed in a lecture. During the lecture, students listen for the terms and mark them accordingly on their bingo cards when the terms are used in the lecture. As participants collect five vertical, horizontal, or diagonal dots in a row, they yell "Bingo!"