A debate is a formal contest of argumentation between two teams, during which one team supports while the other team opposes a given proposition. Debate can be very powerful Practice Activity especially when you have content that may be considered controversial. Debate activities can involve either a selected number of students or the whole class, and can be facilitated face-to-face or online. For more information on how to facilitate a debate, please check out the International Debate Education Association and Designing Online Debates.

pros and cons tableAnother option for a Practice Activity that examines the different viewpoints of a topic is a Pro/Con grid which asks students are asked to jot down a quick list of pros and cons, costs and benefits, or advantages and disadvantages on an issue. This activity helps students to learn about decision making process and apply a clear comparison method to make an educated decision. This technique can be used as a Practice Activity in any course where questions of value are an implicit part of the syllabus.