Durham College’s Test Centre offers a secure, comfortable and modern test writing environment. This space can be used to allow students to write a test with accommodations outside of the classroom, or the space can be booked to conduct a class test.

For hours and other general information please see the Durham College Test Centre website

Test Centre Faculty Portal

Please visit the Test Centre Portal and follow the instructions found in the Test Centre Faculty Portal Instructions to upload an electronic version of your test.

Accommodated Tests

The Test Centre facilitates the delivery of tests for students who require academic accommodations provided by the Access & Support Centre. Faculty should receive a test booking request directly from the Test Centre to their Durham College email if a student has requested test accommodations.

Faculty are required to follow the steps below to support students with accommodations using the Test Centre:

  • Faculty will receive an automatic confirmation email of a student test booking 6 days in advance of the test and another 2 days in advance of the test
  • Faculty will complete a test invigilation form, received via e-mail, and will attach the form to a hardcopy of the test for the student to use. If the test is delivered fully online, the form can be filled out and returned by itself
  • The information from the test invigilation form will be used by the invigilator to administer your test
  • Faculty will deliver the test with the form to the Test Centre office (B291C) 3 business days in advance of the test
  • Faculty are asked to review the student’s Access Plan, if available, to determine if the Test Centre requires an electronic copy of the test to meet the student’s disability needs. Electronic copies of the test can be submitted to the Test Centre via email at testcentre@dc-uoit.ca
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to visit student(s) during the test/exam in the Test Centre (B216M) to address any questions/concerns that may arise
  • Faculty will return to the Test Centre to pick up the test after it is completed

This process varies slightly for final exams delivered during the formal exam week. Faculty will be provided with instructions by an administrative contact from their school office.

Faculty Class Tests

The Test Centre provides a 91-seat test-writing space for faculty to administer tests during the course of the academic term. A separate space with 20 computer stations for online testing is also available. Individually-spaced desks, storage cubbies for backpacks, and surveillance systems assist in maintaining academic integrity, while maintaining a comfortable, quiet environment. Faculty members invigilate their own tests. If a faculty member is unable to invigilate due to an unanticipated event such as an illness, or if the class size is too large, the Test Centre can supply an invigilator.

When invigilating, faculty members provide all testing materials at the time of the test. When not invigilating, faculty will supply all test materials to the Test Centre three business days in advance of the test date.

Please make your booking requests is made as soon as possible. Both external and internal bookings are permitted on a first-come, first-serve basis. In rare cases depending on scheduling needs, blackout periods may apply.

Scheduling the Test Centre

Follow the process outline below to schedule a class test in the Test Centre

  • Access the Test Centre Calendar by logging into the portal
  • Click on the Login icon, top right corner
  • Username = your Banner ID, Password = your network password
  • Under "Calendar Search" click on rooms
  • Navigate to the row for Room B291 (the Test Centre's room number)
  • On the right side, click on the icon for Schedule (hover over for labels)
  • Navigate the calendar to find a suitable opening with appropriate capacity
  • Left click a booking to see additional information, including number of attendees (numeral below room ID)
  • Complete the Test-Centre-Booking form
  • Submit your "Test-Centre-Booking" form to the Test Centre. This is only a request until confirmation is received from the Test Centre

Please note:

  • The Test Centre may book more than one class into a time slot where overall seating capacity permits
  • Bookings are on a first-come-first-serve basis. If a conflict occurs, the earlier booking stands, and the later booking is rescheduled
  • Tests start at 10 minutes past the hour, and finish on the hour. Extended lengths may be requested as part of the booking
  • Students line-up outside the north door to enter and exit from the exam room to the south