The Durham College Test Centre offers a secure, comfortable and quiet environment for test and assessment completion by Durham College students registered with the Access and Support Centre (ASC), students writing missed class tests, Ontario Learn examinations and external clients. To ensure academic integrity, all rooms are equipped with surveillance systems.

The Durham College Test Centre consists of 3 main secure locations:



  • 2 sub-rooms with 10 computers in each for online testing
  • 83 individually-spaced desks
  • 10 semi-private cubicles
  • Storage cubbies for backpacks and mini-lockers for secure storage


  • 10 private rooms
  • 6 computer workstations
  • 19 individually-spaced desks



  • 4 computers
  • 6 seats for writing
  • 4 lockable lockers

For hours and other general information please see the Durham College Test Centre website

Test Centre Faculty Portal

Please visit the Test Centre Portal and follow the instructions found in the Test Centre Faculty Portal Instructions to upload an electronic version of your test.

Accommodated Tests

The Test Centre facilitates the delivery of tests for students who require academic accommodations provided by the Access & Support Centre. Faculty should receive an automatic test booking request directly from the Test Centre six days prior to the test date to their Durham College email, if a student has requested test accommodations. An automatic reminder message will be delivered 2 days prior to the test date if the materials are still outstanding.

Faculty are required to follow the steps below to support students with accommodations using the Test Centre:

  • Faculty will receive an automatic confirmation email of a student test booking 6 days in advance of the test and another 2 days in advance of the test
  • Faculty are to upload the test to the portal in immediate response to the notification email
  • In the event of technical difficulties, faculty can email the test in reply to the message. An invigilation request form can be filled to accompany the test or the details for invigilators can be keyed in the body of the email (do not email if uploaded)
  • Faculty can also deliver a complete package (test and completed invigilation request) to the test centre a minimum of 3 business days ahead of the test date. However, in some cases electronic copies are also required for accommodation requirements.
  • The information from the test invigilation form will be used by the invigilator to administer your test
  • Faculty will deliver the test with the form to the Test Centre office (B291C) 3 business days in advance of the test
  • Faculty are asked to review the student’s Access Plan, if available, to determine if the Test Centre requires an electronic copy of the test to meet the student’s disability needs. Electronic copies of the test can be submitted to the Test Centre via email at
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to visit student(s) during the test/exam in the Test Centre (B216M) to address any questions/concerns that may arise
  • Faculty will return to the Test Centre to pick up the test after it is completed

Missed Class Test Guidelines

At the discretion of the faculty member, students have the opportunity to write a missed class test in the Test Centre.

  1. It is the faculty’s responsibility to book students for missed tests.
  2. Students registered with the ASC office would arrange with the faculty a time and date both parties agree upon to write the missed test. ASC registered students are not required to write during an open session.
  3. All other students must write during an open session (Oshawa and Whitby). Date would be coordinated between student and faculty prior to submission. Students are to be booked at the START time of an open session so as not to disturb other student test writers.
  4. Pickering missed tests can be booked Monday or Friday at 9 am or Wednesday at 3 pm. Invigilation forms must be delivered online and will not be accepted at the reception desk.
  5. Faculty are to complete the invigilation form. Forms are available in the Test Centre office or on ICE.
  6. Faculty deliver the completed form with the test to the Test Site at least 3 business days prior to the test date.
  7. Tests are not booked until faculty receive a CONFIRMATION Email from your Test Site.
  8. Faculty are to inform the student of the date and time booked ONCE the booking has been confirmed.
  9. Students whom fail to show for a Missed Test are subject to the $10 No-Show fee applied to the student account.