Diversity Resources

Teaching at Durham College: Ability & Disability

This website provides an overview of the range of disabilities that you are likely to encounter in Durham College classroom, and describes the legal responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibilities for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005). In addition, it provides examples of how Universal Design principles can be used to design curriculum and teaching strategies that can eliminate the need for accommodations and disability designations.

Your Culturally Diverse Classroom

This website provides insights, tips and resources to help you create a positive learning environment for everyone in your class.  It also provides resources for immediate challenges, and offers information about international students and ESL support, and provides an opportunity for you to test your understanding with real-life case studies.

The Impact of Poverty in the Classroom

This website highlights the challenges faced by students in straitened economic circumstances, and provide professors with a road map for how to address this largely invisible challenge in the classroom.  It incorporates research from various sources, and provides a general overview of how living at or below the poverty line impacts an individual’s life, a discussion of the implications for teaching, and recommendations for how a professor might design and deliver curriculum with this information in mind.

Unisex Design for Learning

This website provides an overview of the role that gender and gender identity may play in the classroom.  It includes discussion of the gendered brain, gender and its impact on professional choices, gender identity and its potential impact on learning, and how this might impact the learning environment.

Learning Styles and Attitudes

This website provides practical information about learning styles, tools and strategies to help meet the diverse learning styles and attitudes of today's student, and resources to help educators continue to reflect and learn. It includes an overview of the JumpStart model, a discussion of Kolb’s learning styles and the 4MAT method of instruction and lesson delivery. It also provides an overview of Universal Design for Learning and reflective practice.