BITEs (Biweekly Instructional Technology Exchanges) focus on current and emerging instructional technologies or innovative tools and resources that may be of interest to faculty. Each session consists of an introduction and demonstration of the technology, tool or resource followed by a discussion of how it may be used for teaching and learning.

These sessions are hosted online through our DC Live and will take place during the lunch hour. So while you eat your lunch, you can also get a taste for some new instructional technologies and hopefully get some ideas of how you might incorporate a few of these tools into your practice. With DC Live it is possible to communicate via text using a chat feature as well as via audio using a microphone. So, if you have access to a microphone (preferably a headset), please feel free to use it. If not, you have the option of using the chat feature. Information for accessing the online meeting will be distributed to registered participants shortly prior to the session.