WebCOT Tip Sheets

Introduction to WebCOT

Step by step guide on how to locate and access the Durham College Course Outline Tool.

Quality Course Outline Checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure that you have addressed all the expectations of each section of the course outline.

Sample Evaluation Notes

Purpose and guidelines for the Evaluation Notes section. View sample Evaluation Notes from a range of different courses.

Printing and Sharing

View directions and tips for printing and sharing your course outline while editing in WebCOT and locating approved outlines.

Curriculum Alignment

Curriculum alignment of outcomes to teaching methods and evaluations is an important aspect of quality course outline design.

EES Outcomes

Learn more about the Essential Employability Skills within the Course Outline.

Learning Plan

Learn about the purpose of each of the sections of the Learning Plan (formerly entitled the Sequence of Instruction).

Course Learning Outcomes

Tips on how to write Course Learning Outcomes using the principles of the Golden Chain. View samples of well written outcomes.


Learn about how your students can benefit from PLAR, as well as how to determine if your course is eligible for PLAR

Copying your Course

Learn how to copy a course outline to a new academic year

WebCOT Videos

Introduction to WebCOT

This video offers a quick orientation to the key roles in WebCOT and demonstrates how to locate course outlines in WebCOT.

Course Information

Review tips on what can and cannot be edited in the Basic Course Information section (sections I, II, III) of WebCOT.

Learning Plan

This video is an overview of the Learning Plan (formerly entitled the Sequence of Instruction) section in WebCOT.

Course Learning Outcomes

Watch this video to learn more about how to complete the course learning outcomes section of WebCOT.


All courses need to indicate if they are eligible for Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition. Learn more about the PLAR section.

Essential Employability Skills

Learn how to complete the EES section of the course outline in WebCOT.

WebCOT Guide

WebCOT Guide

This guide contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions about WebCOT.

Course Outline Template

View what the course outline looks like following the edit, review and approval process in WebCOT.

Need general help with Course Outlines?

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If you are developing an outline for a new program, please refer to the section on New Program Curriculum


Please feel free to contact us at cafe@durhamcollege.ca with questions about WebCOT.